Software that realizes collaboration between humans and robots

RTakt is software for the centralized management of multiple types of autonomous mobile robots. RTakt can be used to run autonomous mobile robots in restaurants, plants, and other areas. Any robot can be controlled using the same methods, whether they are robot waiters or transportation robots, and robots in different locations can be all controlled and monitored remotely. RTakt can realize an environment in which robots and humans work together.

Overview of RTakt

RTakt's strengths

In light of a long-term lack of labor and the spread of COVID-19, efforts are making progress to achieve collaboration between humans and robots by introducing autonomous mobile robots at restaurants, plants, and other locations. However, there are several issues that serve as barriers to the full-scale deployment of these robots, such as the risk of being dependent on a specific robot manufacturer or cloud service, and the challenge of securing expert engineers who can run and manage the robots.


RTakt can realize an environment for the centralized management and operation of autonomous mobile robots from different manufacturers and with different roles, without needing to rely on any single manufacturing company or cloud service. For example, this service makes it easy to take stores using robot waiters from manufacturer A and add extra robot waiters from manufacturer B, or carry out centralized management of transportation robots from manufacturer C along with cleaning robots from manufacturer D. Robots in different locations can be monitored and controlled remotely. Any robot can be run using the same procedure, regardless of manufacturer or role. This removes the burden from on-site personnel who operate the robots. RTakt can provide an environment in which anybody can work together with robots.

■ Functions

RTakt enables remote control and status management for autonomous mobile robots used in many different locations for many different roles.

  1. Send direct movement commands to robots
  2. Send instructions to robots remotely
  3. Manage locations (organizations) in which robots are deployed
  4. Carry out centralized management of robot status (accumulate and display data)

■ Usage scenarios

RTakt can be used at workplaces in which autonomous mobile robots work with humans, such as the scenarios described below.

  • Serving food and drink, and collecting used dishes and glasses at restaurants, karaoke rooms, and other locations
  • Transporting materials inside plants
  • Inspecting, cleaning, and disinfecting the interiors of facilities