Real-time technology

SEC is a software development company that specializes in real-time technology

Real-time technology is a form of technology used for developing computer systems that closely interact with a rapidly changing world. At SEC, we excel in the development of systems that take input from sensors, such as in scientific satellites and robots.
The information captured by sensors can be input to the system spontaneously in a concentrated manner, or in an unpredictable order based on events that are not reproducible.
Real-time technology is used to design systems that need a high level of reliability, that can instantly respond to these inputs while operating non-stop for 24 hours a day, and that can analyze problems even after events that cannot be reproduced.

1. Real-time technology is used in cutting-edge fields

Real-time technology is a form of system engineering technology that sustains science, and so its use cases naturally gravitate toward cutting-edge fields.

2. Real-time technology is universal

When SEC was established, real-time technology was used for control systems in dams and radio telescopes. Currently, it is being employed for autonomous vehicles and robots. In this way, real-time technology can be found in an increasingly broad range of use cases as time goes on.

3. Real-time technology provides high quality and reliability

Real-time technology can be used to design highly reliable systems. The modern era demands even greater reliability in systems that support the foundations of our society, and real-time technology can accommodate these requirements.

Our corporate philosophy: "Bringing safety and progress to society"

Becoming a leading software company that is essential for the safety and progress of society

Ever since its establishment in 1970, SEC has placed real-time technology at its core. 
Real-time technology is a universal form of technology for designing computer systems, and SEC engages in business fields that require this technology as well as fields that bring safety and progress to society. SEC initially focused on two business fields when it was founded: public infrastructure, and space, robotics and advanced technologies. We have begun engaging in other new areas in line with social changes, and we will continue to expand our business fields going forward.

QCD & I = Customer Satisfaction

Striving to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction

At SEC, our business is centered on customers under the business concept of “The best in Quality, Cost and Delivery, and rapid progress through innovation.” Since the company was founded, we have worked to achieve customer satisfaction under the motto of “From New Technologies to New Systems ” by being one jump ahead in the development of any new technologies, leading to the realization of new systems. Activities for predicting and supplying these new technologies are the focus of our research and development.