QCD & I = Customer Satisfaction

Striving to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction

At SEC, our business is centered on customers under the business concept of “The best in Quality, Cost and Delivery, and rapid progress through innovation.” Since the company was founded, we have worked to achieve customer satisfaction under the motto of “From New Technologies to New Systems ” by being one jump ahead in the development of any new technologies, leading to the realization of new systems. Activities for predicting and supplying these new technologies are the focus of our research and development.

R&D Themes

With realization of ubiquitous technology  as the focus of our research and development, we are working on the three priority themes of IoT, the key IoT technology of AI (artificial intelligence), and the ultimate IoT terminal, robotics.

Explanation of our initiatives for standardization technology, functional safety and value adding with regard to the priority theme of robotics.

Explanation of our research and development relating to the priority theme of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Explanation of our MR (Mixed Reality) technology for integrating the digital world and real world, an edge computing technology  under the priority theme of IoT.

R&D Results

We provide real-time solutions products derived from our accumulated research and development.

Indoor autonomous mobile robot software


Vision for Robots and Devices

Package for Collaboration with Autonomous Mobile Robots


RT-Middleware for Functional Safety