Systems Engineering Consultants (SEC) is a software development company specialized in real-time technology, contributing to the safety and development of society. We offer real-time software in four different business fields: mobile networking, internet technology, public infrastructure, and space, robotics and advanced technologies.

Since the company was founded, we have worked to achieve customer satisfaction under the motto of “From New Technologies to New Systems ” . With realization of ubiquitous technology  as the focus of our research and development, we are working on the three priority themes of IoT, AI (artificial intelligence), and robotics.

Space and advanced technologies

We provide application technologies to a range of research institutions. Our products include embedded systems for scientific satellites, planetary probes and astronomical telescopes control systems. In addition, we offer data analysis systems for the data collected by these devices.

- Solar observing satellite "HINODE", "YOHKOH"
- X-ray astronomy satellite "SUZAKU", "ASCA"
- Asteroid Explorer "HAYABUSA2", "HAYABUSA"


We are acquainted with RT-Middleware (RTM), ROS and functional safety(e.g. IEC 61508). We provides safe robot software to meet the needs of various robot systems.