Innovation is the source of growth

To boost employees' intellectual curiosity, it is crucial to incorporate new knowledge and technology while promoting R&D efforts that anticipate future changes. At SEC, we grant R&D functions to our development division, and adopt R&D themes based on the ideas and intellectual curiosity of each and every one of our employees. In this way, we give employees more opportunities to take on challenges.

At SEC, we began R&D for MR (mixed reality) in 2017 with a project proposed by our employees. 
We are currently pursuing almost 20 R&D themes every year, including fundamental research in quantum software and infrastructure technology for private space stations.

Our employees' intellectual curiosity extends beyond internal activities. 
A team of eager SEC AI engineers participated in Japan Automotive AI challenge 2022 and won the Excellence Award (2nd place).
Our employees have also begun to take on challenges for a robotics competition.

At SEC, we hold regular internal sessions for employees to present the results of R&D activities.
In addition, a total of 68 employees in 38 teams participated in an internal hackathon to propose ideas, apps, and services using generative AI, and over 120 employees participated as judges for the final round. We are continuing to carry out activities that utilize proposed ideas and results for future efforts.