Well-being Policy

April 1, 2023
Shintaroh Sakurai,
Systems Engineering Consultants Co., LTD.

1. Policy

SEC's corporate philosophy includes an objective to realize an environment that concurrently promotes the self-realization of employees and sustainable development of the company.
The ongoing mental and physical health of employees is both an essential condition for these employees to continually demonstrate their abilities and a condition for SEC to endure as a company. SEC will build structures to emphasize well-being in management, while also raising awareness among employees regarding health and creating an environment that facilitates health management and promotion, to achieve further growth for the company and its employees.

2. Structures

The director in charge of back-office divisions serves as the person in charge of promoting well-being, and the General Affairs and Human Resources Division serves as the division in charge of promoting well-being. They will work together with industrial physicians, health committees, and other parties to carry out specific measures related to well-being.
They will continually promote well-being while regularly reporting on the status of measures at internal meetings joined by members of management and employees in managerial roles.