Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Message from the President

Contributing to the safety and development of the networked society Contributing to the safety and development of the networked society

SEC is a specialist real-time technology company with a desire to contribute to the safety and development of the networked society and with a strategic focus on network-based real-time services, which we call Realtime@net. The name SEC comes from our English company name, Systems Engineering Consultants Co., LTD. and highlights our determination to be professional system engineers.

Founded in 1970, SEC initially focused on the development of space systems incorporating minicomputers based on our core real-time technology. We also developed applied technologies for social infrastructure system measurement and control. Our focus has now shifted to embedded software for smartphones in the wireless field and other applications, but real-time technology has remained a constant part of our business.

Today we are focusing in particular on ubiquitous technology. This technology makes our lives safer, easier, more comfortable, and efficient by connecting everything around us to computer networks. Real-time technology that is synchronized, responsive, and instant will sit at the heart of this networked society. We are aiming to propel SEC into a new phase of growth, guided by this strategic vision of the networked society.

Corporate Overview

Company name Systems Engineering Consultants Co., LTD. (SEC)
Established May 1970
Capital ¥477 million (As of June 27, 2018)
Executives Itsushi Akiyama, President
Shunji Sakai, Executive Vice President
Akira Nakamura, Director
Shintaro Sakurai, Director
Yukihiro Chikaishi, Audit and Supervisory committee member
Motohiko Matsumoto, Audit and Supervisory committee member
Kunihiro Nishimura, Audit and Supervisory committee member
Number of employees 289 (As of April 1, 2018)
Business activities SEC provides real-time software and solutions in the social infrastructure and advanced technology fields
Net sales ¥5,175 million (FY3/18)
Subsidiary AMSEC, INC.(San Jose, California, U.S.A.)
Offices Head Office
Setagaya Business Square
4-10-1 Yoga, Setagaya-ku. Tokyo 158-0097, Japan
+81-3-5491-4770 Fax.+81-3-5491-4771
Osaka Office
Shin-Osaka Prime Tower
6-1-1 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0011, Japan
+81-3-5491-4760 Fax.+81-6-6309-0582

Corporate History

May 1970 Systems Engineering Consultants Co., LTD. founded in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
March 1971 First project in the social infrastructure business field: development of an expressway management system
March 1971 First project in the space & advanced technology business field: development of a system to test rocket engine performance
October 1979 First embedded software project: development of water-based telemetry system
January 1984 First project in the mobile networking business field: development of network control system
June 1985 Osaka office opened
January 1992 AMSEC, INC. established in Sunnyvale, California
May 1995 First project in the internet technology business field: development of a library multimedia system
January 1998 Secured ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems
July 1999 First project in the wireless and embedded software business field: development of embedded software for mobile handsets
December 2000 Secured ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems
November 2001 PrivacyMark certification granted
March 2003 ISMS certification granted
June 2004 JASDAQ market listing
April 2007 ISO/IEC 27001 certification granted
July 2010 Head office moved to Setagaya Ward, Tokyo
July 2012 Osaka office moved to Nishinakajima, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka
March 2014 Secured ISO 22301 certification for business continuity management systems
June 2015 Transition to a Company with Audit and Supervisory Committee
March 2017 Listed on the second section Tokyo Stock Exchange
September 2017 Tokyo Stock Exchange first section listing

Financial Information

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