Development Fields and Business Domains


Robots are the ultimate "terminal" of the networked society

SEC has been carrying out research and development into robot software since 2003, based on the idea that robots are the ultimate "terminal" of the networked society. We have built up a leading position in the market as one of the few software vendors with robot-related technology.

Driving robot development and efficiency gains

Issues related to robot development

The humanoid robots seen on TV are often developed by manufacturers using their most sophisticated technologies, so commercialization leads to a number of cost issues. Companies can struggle to control costs because robot heads, arms, legs and other parts are not based on components or shared standards.

SEC's RT-Middleware drives component standardization

As part of our research and development activities, we have created Robot Technology (RT) Middleware that helps manufacturers overcome cost issues in robot development. We believe wider use of RT-Middleware, which includes software and other technology to promote component standardization, will lead to cheaper and more widely available robot parts. This is the same approach that IBM took with computers when it shifted to open standards, thereby supporting the popularization of PCs. We are aiming for similar success in robot development.

Building our robotics business

SEC has been a member of industry groups and robotics societies since 2003. We are also taking part in research and development projects with NEDO and university research teams. Other active efforts to promote our technology include publishing practical guides for RT-Middleware and presenting papers at academic conferences.
As a result, we are now ready to move into the business phase.
Aiming for safe and reliable robots, we launched "RTMSafety" in May 2012. It is the first robot middleware to achieve certification according to the IEC 61508 standard for functional safety. It contributes to reducing costs and development time when creating highly-dependable and safe robots.

RTMSafety: RT-Middleware for Functional Safety