Development Fields and Business Domains
Open Platforms

Open Platforms

Delivering one-stop Android services

SEC is focusing on open platforms, primarily for smartphones. For handsets running Android, we offer one-stop services covering entire system stack from drivers, to middle ware and applications.

What are open platforms?

In the mobile handset market, the technology has been dramatically shifted away from proprietary technologies to open technologies. This happened in 2010 and 2011 in Japan's domestic market. The technologies independently developed in Japan have been shifted to smartphones like iPhone iOS and Android platform. This was not just a technological shift, but also we have seen the market had some major changes globally in terms of procurement strategies at mobile phone makers and in the competitive environment. In response to these changes, SEC has grouped up all our efforts to support and develop the market under the term of "open platforms."

Actively taking on new business opportunities

Shifting our strategic business focus from traditional mobile phones to smartphones

Seeing the technology shift in the market as a great business opportunity, we launched research, product development, and training initiatives from early 2008.
Amid an increasingly competitive global market, we first decided to expand our market share in Japan for such as 1seg(*1) and digital money, culminate in the development of airCube, a 1seg solution for Android platform, in 2010. Since then, we have licensed airCube technology to three mobile phone makers in Japan.
We also enhanced our capabilities in our traditionally strong areas, such as multimedia functions for video and voice. This has helped us to secure a steady stream of development contracts from mobile phone makers, mobile carriers, and digital money companies, and has supported us to participate in the first domestically produced Android handset development in Japan.
(*1) The Japanese mobile TV and digital radio standard.

Targeting further market expansion

Backed up by a team of Android developers that now account for over 60% of our workforce, we have built up a competitive advantage through the provision of one-stop development services covering the entire software stack from drivers to middleware and applications.
Targeting further growth in the market, we plan to partner with global mobile phone makers, develop services for networked device beyond smartphones and enhance the capabilities of our Android airCube product.