Development Fields and Business Domains
Development Field

Development Fields

SEC's real-time software helps create a networked society

We offer real-time software in four different business fields: mobile networking, internet technology, public infrastructure, and space, robotics and advanced technologies.

Mobile networking

Embedded software that helps create a networked society

We provide consulting services to mobile phone companies on smartphone and other mobile device's design and researches. And we also offer a wide range of embedded software to mobile device makers for domestic and international mobile devices including Android smartphones and tablet PCs. Our software applications enable the mobile devices for the internet access, digital terrestrial broadcasting, digital money access and software installation.

Internet technology

Making the world safer and more convenient

We are developing embedded software for contactless IC cards and other web/cloud applications. In addition, we have strong points in SVG(scalable vector graphics) and XML technologies.

Public infrastructure

Building next-generation public infrastructure

We develop advanced transportation systems, defense systems, location based services (LBS) with GPS technologies. We also develop disaster prevention systems and the next-generation energy management simulation systems.

Space, robotics and advanced technologies

Realizing mankind's dreams through space exploration and robot development

We provide application technologies to a range of research institutions. Our products include embedded systems for scientific satellites, planetary probes and astronomical telescopes control systems. In addition, we offer data analysis systems for the data collected by these devices. We are also actively involved in the research and development of next-generation robots.