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Business Concept

Business Concept: QCD&I = Customer Satisfaction

- QCD & I = Customer Satisfaction -

Striving to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction

We consistently meet and exceed customer expectations by responding to customer's needs in Quality, Cost and Delivery. We also offer customers innovative ideas and features through our software products. At SEC, customer's satisfaction is our highest priority and we realize it through this QCD&I practice.

Quality, Cost, Delivery

Today's information society is relying on network computers and the technology, customer's needs change dramatically with a very fast pace. Our customers are increasingly demanding higher quality, lower cost and faster turnaround on software development. The idea that high-quality products will cost less and can be delivered more quickly has been formed in the manufacturing sector in Japan. Based on this principle, we are focusing on Quality to reap the benefits of Cost and Delivery as part of our ongoing efforts to boost customer's satisfaction.


"From New Technologies to New Systems" has been our motto since SEC was founded. That's because we believe new technologies are the drivers to bring new systems to the next level and make the impossible possible. This has led us to the highest customer satisfaction and made our business very successful. While remaining focused on QCD, we are also proactively taking initiatives to customer's trend change, rapidly adjusting our research and development plan to take in the new ideas, new technologies. Through our fundamental real-time software business and real-time solutions business, we are striving to deliver even greater value to our customers.

Business Concept