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airSmartG: SVG Product Family

airSmartG: SVG Product Family

Supplying rendering engines and authoring tools that enable high-speed SVG visualization

airSmartG is a family of scalable vector graphics (SVG) products that enable the viewing and manipulation of SVG images on PCs and handsets such as mobile phones. They can also transmit and manage SVG map data. airSmartG is used in the EZ guide map, a map viewer installed on KDDI’s au mobile phones, and in related EZ guide map content developed for au customers travelling overseas.


SVG is the global standard file format for two-dimensional vector graphics. SVG images are defined in XML text files, meaning they are easy to expand or compress and combine with other images. airSmartG includes the SVG software below and can be customized to suit user needs.

  • ・ SVG browser software (SVG rendering engine)
  • ・ SVG authoring tools
  • ・ SVG map distribution server

HTML5 compatibility

HTML5 will incorporate Canvas and SVG graphics-related elements. HTML5 will also add support for inline SVG, a technology that allows direct writing and visualization of SVG graphics tags in the HTML tags. Leveraging our SVG expertise and technologies gained through the development of airSmartG, we plan to develop content for the upcoming HTML5 standard.