April 1, 2019
Shintaroh Sakurai,
Systems Engineering Consultants Co., LTD.


One of the key management tasks at Systems Engineering Consultants Co., LTD. (SEC) is "Realize a sustainable society in a way that does not negatively affect the needs of future generations."


SEC will seek to realize harmony between business activities and sustainability. All employees will actively tackle issues related to the balance between the environment, society, and economy, and SEC will continually improve these initiatives. SEC will achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by utilizing information and communication technology, thereby bringing safety and progress to society and fulfilling the company's responsibility to society as a member of the software industry. 


  1. Comply with laws and regulations related to the environment
    SEC will carry out business activities in compliance with legal regulations, ordinances, and other requirements.
  2. Prevent or mitigate harmful environmental impact, and boost beneficial environmental impact
    SEC will protect the environment when carrying out business activities, by preventing or mitigating harmful environmental impact. In addition, the company will seize opportunities to boost beneficial environmental impact and thereby contribute to environmental improvement.
  3. Build, operate, and improve an environmental management system
    SEC will build an environmental management system in an appropriate way with respect to the characteristics, scale, and environmental impact of business activities, products, and services. 
    In line with this Environmental Policy, SEC will define, implement, evaluate, and review specific environmental goals and objectives, thereby striving to make continual improvements to the company's environmental activities and environmental management system.
  4. Educate individuals and publicize the Environmental Policy
    SEC will promote activities to educate and notify individuals regarding the environment; strive to boost environmental awareness among all directors, employees, and business partners; and publicize the Environmental Policy to external parties.