We offer real-time software in four different business fields—mobile networking, internet technology, public infrastructure, and space, robotics and advanced technologies.

Mobile networking

Software that helps create a ubiquitous networked society

We develop embedded software for various mobile devices including smartphones and tablet PCs, mobile terminals and in-vehicle information terminals, and application technologies for utilization in mobile services that use the software. Through technology that connects all things and people at any time and in any place by networks (ubiquitous technology), we are helping to create a convenient, enjoyable and comfortable society.

Internet technology

Making the world safer and more convenient

We develop embedded software for contactless IC cards and other application technologies such as IoT-related technologies, real-time technologies including AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and MR (mixed reality), XML technologies, and cloud systems.

Public infrastructure

Building next-generation public infrastructure

We develop application technologies for public infrastructure fields, including advanced transportation systems, defense-related systems, location information management systems, and systems for medical, environmental energy and government office use.

Space, robotics and advanced technologies

Realizing mankind's dreams through space exploration and robot development

We provide application technologies and other cutting-edge software to a range of research institutions in the space astronomy field. Our products include embedded systems for scientific satellites and planetary probes and data analysis systems for the data collected by those devices. In addition, we have been carrying out robotics common foundation research and development since 2003. We have expertise in Robot Technology (RT) Middleware  and the Robot Operating System (ROS)  technologies, which promote the standardization and development of robotics and the functional safety essential for service robots, and provide development and consulting services on the various uses of robotic systems.