Real-time technology

“Real-time technology” is technology developed for computer systems that interacts closely with changes that are constantly taking place in the external world. It is, in a sense, a universal technology for designing systems that are partnered with natural phenomena. For example, systems for observing and filming the phenomena of solar flares analyze information captured by sensors that operate non-stop for 24 hours a day, and are required to capture the momentary celestial changes that constitute the flares. In this way, real-time technology provides technology for designing systems that respond instantly and can operate continuously for events that are not reproducible and occur spontaneously, in a concentrated manner, and cannot be predicted in advance. This real-time technology that all our employees are skilled in is SEC’s greatest feature, and its business fields are those for which real-time technology is needed.

Business fields

We offer real-time software in four different business fields—mobile networking, internet technology, public infrastructure, and space, robotics and advances technologies—with the aim of realizing a networked society.

Mobile networking

We develop applications for utilizing mobile services, and software for embedding in mobile devices.

Internet technology

We develop embedded software for contactless IC cards, and IoT-related technologies and cloud systems.

Public infrastructure

We develop systems for fields that are highly public in nature such as transport, defense, medical, and government fields.

Space, robotics and advanced technologies

We develop cutting-edge software for scientific satellites, planetary probes and other space astronomy fields, as well as robots and AI.

Real-time solution

We provide real-time solutions products derived from our accumulated research and development.


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