Mixed reality (MR) is a technology that serves as a bridge between the real and digital worlds. It allows us to access computing resources more intuitively and directly, bringing us perceptual experiences that we have never had before. SEC works on the development of highly sophisticated MR technologies by combining IoT, which connects things in the real world to the digital world, and robotics, which intervenes directly from the digital world to the real world, as well as artificial intelligence (AI)—the key technology used for these technologies.

What is mixed reality (MR) ?

Mixed reality (MR) is a technology that superimposes the digital world on the real world by using devices, such as head-mounted displays (HMDs), to build a new world crowded with real things and virtual digital information.

Until recently, we entered information with a keyboard or touch panel to access computing resources (information) and obtained information through the display on a personal computer or a smartphone. However, the use of MR will enable us to access the digital world directly from the real world without the border of these information devices. It is being increasingly used in studies and design work simulations using CAD, CG, and other digital information, and medical, manufacturing, construction, and other fields.

SEC’s MR technology

Under the theme of “IoT system vision powered by MR technology,” SEC works on the development of highly sophisticated MR technologies, such as security technology that can reliably manage and project highly confidential 3D models, and IoT technology using AI and various sensors.

Joint Research with JAXA, “Verification of Next-Generation Visualization Using MR Technology”—Development of Rendering Technology for Highly-Detailed Models

SEC has been working on joint research on MR technology with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), a National Research and Development Agency, since August 2017.

JAXA operates one of the world’s leading supercomputers (JSS2) and contributes to the development of aerospace technology mainly through its basic research for the development of next-generation spacecraft and aircraft and analysis of satellite observation results. In current scientific and technological research, the visualization of research results is an important factor, and it is no exaggeration to say that progress in visualization technology leads to the enhancement of research results. Moreover, the development of scientific and technological research is significantly affected by advances in high-performance computing (HPC) technology, with data increasing in volume and becoming more detailed.

Accordingly, together with JAXA, we have developed a basic technology for projecting large-scale, highly-detailed 3D models onto head-mounted displays (HMDs)* in a scalable manner. 3D models are also increasing in volume and becoming more detailed in fields other than the scientific and technological research field and can be used in areas such as construction, manufacturing, and medical fields.


*The Microsoft HoloLens is used.

Certified Partner of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program

SEC is a certified partner of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program. We have a track record of results in development using the HoloLens, an HMD device sold by Microsoft.